Drag N Drive

Community, Cinema and Impactful Drag Narratives
Memphis Pride Fest officially kicks off at the iconic Summer Drive-In with Drag N Drive, a fusion of art, soul and community spirit. More than just a night at the movies, it's an immersive experience that combines storytelling through the art of drag with the vintage charm of drive-in cinema.
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Blow | 2023 Drag N Drive Opening

A Cinematic Celebration

As the opening act for Memphis Pride Fest Weekend, Drag N Drive commences with a curated LGBT movie or cult classic selected for its blend of humor and heart. These films, with rich, relevant storylines and relatable characters, invite you on an uplifting journey filled with love, laughter, and human experiences. It is a perfect segue to the stunning 40-minute video showcase that sets the stage for the weekend’s festivities.

A Showcase of Pride and Passion

The evening culminates with a masterpiece of passion and commitment that only the Memphis drag community can deliver. Drag artists and skilled production teams collaborate to weave hours of ingenuity and passion into visually stunning, thought-provoking narratives. This high-caliber presentation entertains and enlightens, reflecting personal journeys, unique perspectives, and current headlines that affect us all. It’s a powerful affirmation of our community’s experiences, triumphs, and enduring spirit.

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The Village | 2021 Drag N Dive ft Will Ryer
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This is Me | 2021 Drag N Drive

General Admission & VIP Options

General admission tickets for Drag N Drive are your key to this extraordinary evening. However, they are highly sought after and typically sell out more than a week prior to the event. We encourage you to secure your tickets early and don’t miss this spectacular film and performance art presentation. Drag N Drive tickets are also included in our Pride Fest Experience Packages and VIP options are available with reserved spaces for streamlined admission and premium viewing.