Big Gay Dance Party

A Party with a Purpose in the Spirit of Pride
The Big Gay Dance Party, hosted by Friends for All, is a spectacular prelude to the Festival and Parade, filled with pulsating music, sensational performances and excitement at every turn. The celebration not only sets the tone for the upcoming festivities but also delivers a powerful charge of community spirit, warming us up for the grand celebration ahead.

A Prelude to Pride

Imagine a night in Memphis where the pulse of the city syncs with the heartbeat of its people, a prelude to the Pride festival and grand parade that define the Pride Fest weekend. The Big Gay Dance Party sets the tone for the weekend ahead with an infusion of high-energy music and a sensational lineup of talented local drag artists, celebrity DJs, and the artistic prowess of dancers and performance artists from GQC Productions.

A Theme to Remember

Each year, the Big Gay Dance Party reinvents itself with a theme that’s both thought-provoking and wildly entertaining. Remember “Hate is a Drag,” where drag culture was not just celebrated but heralded as a force against discrimination? Or “We’re Coming Out…Again!”, a rebirth of spirit post-pandemic, echoing the resilience of the LGBTQIA+ community. And who could forget the “Rainbow Revolution”, a rallying cry for solidarity amidst the tumult of political and social upheavals?

A Party with a Purpose

Hosted with heart by Friends For All (formerly Friends for Life), this event combines a night of fun with a meaningful cause. The proceeds from the Big Gay Dance Party help fuel the missions of Friends For All and Mid-South Pride. Your presence here is a powerful contribution, a testament to your support for the tireless efforts to uplift the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS and the pursuit of equality for the LGBTQIA+ community at large.

Admission & Venue

Tickets for the Big Gay Dance Party are made available online or at the door. The event typically takes place at popular venues like the New Daisy Theatre or the Crosstown Theater, starting at 8 PM and going until midnight. After-parties often continue the celebration at nearby bars and clubs. For more information, visit